Our Vision

What if your work could impact the world?


I am here to tell you it does and it can do more. Here at We Have Stories  we are committed to supporting projects that create equity and will impact the world. We don’t think it, we live it. Our team includes people with a myriad of identities and diverse professional and personal experiences — we are layered and understand the world is too.

Working with us you can have confidence in knowing that your work is impactful in three ways:

  • 1 (partnership): your creation exists and we can help you grow.

  • 2 (people): you are working with a diverse talent filled company with a unique lens.

  • 3 (paying it forward):your contract with us immediately supports providing services to creators in need, who are underrepresented in various media and entertainment.

    We Have Stories. This is Our story, Let's Tell it Together.

Frederick Joseph  Founder, CEO

Frederick Joseph
Founder, CEO